No two publishing projects are the same

Smith/Kerr Associates takes pride in finding innovative ways to produce and market books.

Smith/Kerr Associates and its imprint Seapoint Books, publishes high-quality books and ebooks that are available through all major book outlets in the U.S. and around the world, with a special focus on cooking, travel, nautical subjects, history and business topics. We work closely with authors in developing the manuscript and in successfully marketing the book both to targeted markets and to the broader book distribution system. Our authors are typically experienced writers who want to participate in the marketing of their book.

Our custom publishing division, Seapoint Books, produces high quality books for corporations, organizations and individuals. We can undertake the entire process from concept, editing, page design and printing, delivering a product with the timeless value of a great book.

Our books are widely available through all good bookstores, through internet retailers like, Barnes & Noble, BAM, IndieBound and through distributors around the world.

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