Great Gifts Book Lovers Will Appreciate

True book lovers will read almost anything they can get their hands (eyes?) on, and are happiest when their nose is buried in their latest good read. Buying books for book lovers can be difficult if you don’t know whether they have read them already, and even if it is a brand new release there is still the possibility that they have pre-ordered it for themselves already. So what do you get as a gift for a book lover? The following ideas should help you to come up with a fun but useful gift that your book lover will appreciate.

Transparent Book Weight – Sitting outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air while reading a great book but it can be a little annoying when the breeze keeps flipping the pages over. The solution to this commonly experienced problem is a transparent book weight. As it is completely clear the book lover can continue to read without concern about losing their place should the wind start to blow. The transparent book weight can also protect your book from food and drink that could be dropped onto the pages.

Book-scented PerfumeBook-scented Perfume – Now here is a novel (pardon the pun) gift for book lovers! There is nothing that smells as wonderful as a brand new book that has been opened up for the very first time. Book lovers may be the only ones to appreciate that unique scent but are sure to appreciate it bottled for them to enjoy at anytime. If you think wearing book-scented perfume is not something your book loving gift recipient is likely to do perhaps a book-scented candle would be more to their liking.

Extra Large Bean Bag Chair – Being comfortable when reading is extremely important and an extra large bean bag chair will allow the book lover to wiggle him or herself into the perfect position to immerse themselves in a really good book. Some are large enough to allow the reader to lie while reading, or for two people to sit and read together.

1001 Books You Must Read before You Die – The one book that a book lover should be given as a gift is this one. With reviews by some of the world’s best known international critics and literary luminaries, this great list of 1001 books every book lover should read during their lifetime, this is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. The recipient can challenge themselves to mark off each book as they finish reading it.

Noise-blocking HeadphonesNoise-blocking Headphones – As well as being relaxed and comfortable while reading most book lovers enjoy peace and quiet also. This can be hard to achieve if living in a busy household or when weather doesn’t lend itself well to reading outdoors. The solution is a good pair of noise-blocking headphones. While headphones won’t shut out every single decibel of sound they can greatly reduce the amount of noise that can be heard while reading.

Solar-charging Kindle Case – For Kindle owners this is perhaps one of the handiest, most useful gifts they could ever receive. Nothing is worse than getting to a particularly interesting part of the story and having your Kindle battery run out. With the Solar-charging Kindle Case this becomes a thing of the past. All it needs is some light to ensure it keeps the Kindle battery running so the book lover can continue to read until that great story comes to an end.

Gift Subscription to Audible.comGift Subscription to For people on the go who don’t have the luxury of being able to carve out time to sit and read recorded books is an excellent way to still enjoy a good story. Great for the book lover who spends time in traffic commuting to and from work each day, or the long distance jogger or cyclist. If your book lover doesn’t like to listen to recorded books there are plenty of other gift subscriptions you can give as a gift, such as Book of the Month Club subscriptions.

If it is book-related any serious book lover will be appreciative of receiving a gift that you have put great thought into, and any of the gift ideas listed above is sure to be a winner with the book lover on your gift buying list.